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2021 Review of a few

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Open this PDF to read about this Car Rescue!

Built in the early 1990's, then redone later after a building fire, this R2 car is ready for another full restoration.

Copy of HAROLDS 53 STUDEBAKER_0005.jpg

Custom built in 1998 and transported around the country to Good Guys and other shows, this car has only been driven 38 miles between enclosed trailer and shows (I hope to change that!)

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1964 Champ 3/4 ton Truck

Copy of P1270285.JPG

1957 President Sedan

Copy of P1270422.JPG

1965 Commander

Copy of P1230312.JPG

Avanti II Rescue

Copy of P1030847.JPG

Might need Tires

Copy of P1250507.JPG

1962 Dorsett San Juan Boat



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