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Slide Shows with some of our Guest Visitors

Music and Cars go together


A young film crew stopped on the way to Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum at a gas station and met an old gentleman who liked old cars.

So they called and I said it’s ok to bring him along. Later he explained that he was a singer for a band called the Ink Spots and The Platters.

I knew several Platters #1 hit songs and remembered one in our Juke Box, so I played it while he was talking with Stephanie (and he sang along!).

His favorite car was our Studebaker Golden Hawk. He still had a wonderful voice in his 80’s.

He and our volunteer Ester shown in the picture both have passed away, but the memories and music still remain. 


Whatcom County Studebaker Drivers Club Chapter Meeting

Corvetts Unlimited of Bellingham Visit

Model T Club visit

Gear Heads Car Club - Business Meeting

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