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1965 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire with original TOTEMOTEL

For 1965 -66 Studebaker used Chevy engines. This 1965 Wagonaire was built with a 283 Chevy V8, Overdrive transmission, power disc brakes, twin traction, PS, and A/C. It was ordered to be used as a sales demo car for Tote Motel campers and came with original dealership signup brochures.

The Tote Motel is designed to be removed quickly by outer front fold down hydraulic poles and rear inner corner poles that lift it up and then sets it on ground as your Motel cottage, so the car can be used for other things without it (like hunting and fishing).

A very rare and unusual combination for sure!  


Being 6'3" tall there is plenty of standing room height and upper bunk takes a King Size Mattress.

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