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1962 Studebaker Diesel Truck


1962 Studebaker Diesel Truck 

Originally ordered and owned by the Spokane Newspaper, this Studebaker Diesel Truck came with the detroit diesel engine for economical long running hours when hauling.

It is E35123 and is one of only a few made with the diesel engine.

It is a 96 BBC model which is 96 inches from Bumper to Back of Cab.

The front ends on the 96BBC models were shortened to help with Length Restrictions, manuvering in tight spaces and possibly cooling.

During initial startup and cold weather driving the winterfront grill louvers close to adjust engine temperature, or warm-up.

The raspy sound of these engines is so unique! 

With 2 shifters and many gear combinations, it requires a lot of quick thinking and shifting.  

This truck was owned by Dean Olson, a well known diesel truck mechanic/driver and a great friend. 


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