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Standard Truck production ceased in 1942 because of WWII, with all Studebaker production lines redirected to war materiel.

For WWII, Studebaker modified its C2 standard cab to create the C9 cabs used on the military US6X4 and US6X6 trucks during the war years. The C9 cab was a modification of the pre-war M series C2 standard cab.


By 1945 the country was in dire need of new domestic trucks. The government gave permission for Studebaker to produce a limited run of only 4,000 one ton trucks for domestic sale.
Studebaker was able to swiftly build the same pre-war one ton trucks, but utilized available C9 military cabs.

The 1945 M15 truck serial numbers were M15-2001 through M15-6000.

Approximately 80% were M15-28 models with dual rear wheels, chassis/cab trucks with various size bodies.

Approximately 20% were M15-20 Pickup Truck models with 8’ box and single rear wheels.


The C9 Cab was different in the following distinct ways from the 1941-1948 domestic C2 cabs on M series trucks:


* Swing out windshield, to allow better ventilation
* Top mounted wipers, rather than on the cowl
* Steel interior door panels, rather than cardboard
* Steel glove box, rather than cardboard 


Less than 2 dozen 1945 M15 trucks with the C9 Cab are known to survive and only a few are the M15-20 Pickup Trucks (as pictured below).  

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